Friday, April 24, 2020

State of Planet MySQL: unhealthy !

Also, the state of unhealthy (last paragraph below, but this would be too long a title).

I have been complaining for some time about Planet MySQL filtering content that I think it should not.  Shlomi made a courageous decision on this and explained it in his recent post (Pulling his blog out of Planet MySQL aggregator, over community concerns).  I am thinking of doing the same.  What are your thoughts on this ?  Please share them in the comments below (or on Shlomi's blog).

I also have concerns about  Some bugs are handled badly and comments are made private because they violate marketing rules.  Valerii is covering this subject well in his Blog of (former?) MySQL Entomologist.

Update 2020-04-05: I wrote a follow-up post on this: Planning for the AFTER Planet MySQL (bis).

Update 2020-04-24: Federico Razzoli is following Shlomi's example and is giving details in his post About Planet MySQL.

Update 2020-05-04: Mark Callaghan indicated that he is also removing his blog from Planet MySQL.

Update 2020-05-09: Inventory of other complaints about Planet MySQL:


  1. I do not mind pre-moderation of posts to be shared and some discussions with human beings behind that (as it used to happen in the past), but current "blind" filtering there is both stupid and counter productive.

    1. I agree blind filtering is dumb ! Not sure there should be pre-moderation. Maybe some things should get flagged and sent to moderation to Community Evangelist, but in this case the blog owner should receive a mail indicating the state of his post.

    2. I wouldn't call it blind, it seems very intentional.
      Percona posts appear even if they mention MariaDB. I was told they didn't experience any censorship.
      This post has occurrences of "MariaDB" and "Percona Server", but it was present on MySQL Planet for some hours, before the decision was manually reverted:

  2. I have seen the repost of Shlomi's initial blog post that caused the filtering to be noticed by him, but then without the mentioning of MariaDB. As I'm following Planet MySQL for most of my MySQL related feeds in my feed reader, I didn't see his post about pulling his blog from the list. It's interesting that also this post got filtered out and after reading it I can understand his point: he tried to get in contact with the maintainers of the list and he had zero response. Having such a major person from the community reach out for an open discussion and not responding to him is simply appalling.

    I don't think we should put a mark on everything Oracle related as bad: they are doing absolutely great things and they have a great community team. Perhaps that's also why we are this enraged about it: the stark contrast between the Oracle MySQL community employees and the Oracle marketing department.

    If Oracle marketing sees Plant MySQL as a Marketing tool, as a community we could branch off a new feed if there is enough demand for this?

    1. I think the post by Shlomi from yesterday is not on Planet MySQL because he removed his blog from the aggregation.

      I hope my actions are not interpreted as "marking everything from Oracle related as bad", this is not my intentions. But when there is one thing that is bad, it should be pointed-out, even if a lot of other things are good.

    2. No I wasn't referring to your actions as "bad", but I was referring to my own conclusions with regards to this topic. And I'm happy that you posted this *while* still being aggregated by Planet MySQL as now a healthy discussion can be started. ;)