Monday, March 30, 2020

JFG MySQL Advice during COVID-19

Update 2020-05-05: I stopped providing consulting hours.  They were not very popular, but it was worth trying.

We are all impacted by COVID-19.  On my side, this virus disrupted my travel, professional and personal plans for the upcoming months.  To overcome these disruptions, and following the idea of someone on MySQL Community Slack, I am experimenting with giving MySQL advice on a 30-minute basis.  You can book a slot using this link:
While booking, you will be asked to describe what you want to discuss.  I will confirm the meeting by mail if it is a subject I can help you with.  The discussion can be on Skype, Google Hangout, or your favorite video conferencing system (while booking, you will be asked for it).

This is an experiment !  I opened consulting hours between March 31st and April 11th.  If this goes well, I will add more; if it does not go well, I will cancel everything.  Also, I will do my best to answer your questions and help you with your MySQL challenges, but I cannot replace a full-time DBA on your team.  Also, I will not be able to get a complete picture of your situation in such a short time, so you will have to be smart in deciding if you want to follow my advice or not.

Good luck to you all and courage during these strange times !

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