Monday, January 23, 2023

Planet for the MySQL Community Graduating from Beta

In May 2020, I published a Planet for the MySQL Community Pluto Beta.  I was satisfied with the result and was considering it done, but I did not invest the time to promote it to release (a non-beta site was running for a few months without being advertised).  I finally came to it, and today I am happy to deprecate the beta and announce the release of Planet for the MySQL Community.  In this post, I recall what led to the creation of this new blog aggregator, I list recent changes, and I mention where I would like things to go in the future.  But before continuing to read this post, if you are using the beta, please update your bookmarks :

Also, if you are using Planet for the MySQL Community, could you follow Planet for the MySQL Community / @PlanetMysqlComT on Twitter.  This allows me to know my users and to gauge the interest for this work.