Friday, April 24, 2020

Planning for the AFTER Planet MySQL

As written in my previous post, the state of Planet MySQL is unhealthy !  I am still aggregated there for now as, before leaving what was the best news-feed for the MySQL Community, we need a replacement.  This post aims at starting a discussion on this replacement.

Update 2020-05-12: I wrote a follow-up post RFC on Requirements for Planet MySQL Community.

The ideal thing would be for Oracle to fix its filtering on Planet MySQL, but I have little hope that this will happen.

There is already a Planet Mari*DB (I cannot write the exact name as I would be censored by Planet MySQL), but the name is not right for the MySQL Community.

There were past suggestions to create yet another aggregator for the MySQL Community, I think this is what needs to be done.  I registered the domain, and I am planning to soon start working on a (I am moving back to Montréal on May 2nd and I need to occupy myself during a 14-day quarantine).  I would like to know what you think about this, so I am writing this post, and I created a channel mysqlcommunity_org in MySQL Community Slack.  Feel free to join the discussion there.  If you do not like Slack, feel free to comment on this post.

We could also use the domain to host other things related to the MySQL Community.  One idea that pops to my mind is an uncensored bug tracker, but I will leave this one to someone else.  If you have ideas about other things that we could host there, and are willing to invest time in building it, make yourself known in the above-mentioned channel.

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