Friday, April 21, 2017

My two parallel replication talks at Percona Live Santa Clara 2017

Yes, another post about my talks at Percona Live Santa Clara: I obviously still have things to share.  This time, I will focus on my parallel replication talks by giving a short preview.

I have two parallel replication talks at Percona Live:
As I wrote before, the first talk is a prerequisite to the second.  If you already attended in the past and unless you want to refresh concepts, I suggest not come to the first talk (a test to know if you should attend is below).

The second talk is dedicated to Oracle MySQL Parallel Replication in MySQL 5.7 and above.  There are new and interesting developments with the release of MySQL 8.0.1 and I am looking forward to sharing my findings.  Those are very new: the graph below is from a test I ran earlier this week.  As you can see, the speedups are obvious: the higher commit rate is with multi-threaded slave and the lower one is with single-threaded slave.

The speedup from the graph above is between the seconds and third speedup of the graph below.  If you do not know/remember which they are, you might want to re-read the slides of my previous talk or attend the first talk (reminder: the first talk is mostly about MariaDB 10.0 and 10.1).

Commits per second in 3 different configurations

I am looking forward to seeing you at Percona Live.


  1. Good luck on your talks! And I first misread the title to be "2 talks on replication, given in parallel". I'm glad that's not the case!

    1. You are the 2nd person telling me they miss-understood the title, so I guess I should clarify it, but this ambiguity is actually in line with the subject, so I might keep it as is. :-)