Friday, September 30, 2016

Percona Live Amsterdam and MariaDB Developer Meeting 2016: Tip to Stay Dry

Or should I say "to avoid getting soaked"...

The Amsterdam weather forecasts for next week is out and even if it looks good for the Percona Live MySQL and (No)SQL Conference (Monday to Wednesday) and for the MariaDB Developer Meeting (Thursday to Saturday), it could still change (or you might suffer the rain in the week-end):

Of course, this is not a problem during talks, and I take this opportunity to invite you to my talk:
but it is more problematic if you want to go outside.  Luckily in the Netherlands, even with rain forecasts, there are many moments in the day when it is not raining.  But which ones ?  Here is a tip: bookmark those links (or install the app from the second):
The first one allows you to view the evolution of the rain clouds in the last hours and predict what is coming (there is a prediction mode and you can zoom in the map).  Some screen captures:

(last hours mode)

(prediction mode)

The second allows you to see, for a given place, the rain forecasts for the next two hours.  More screen captures:

Good luck staying dry, see you next week, and until then, some preview of Amsterdam and the Netherlands below.

(sunset on a canal in Amsterdam)

(very calm water on the canals)

(view on the Amsterdam roof-tops from the office,
see for yourself at the Community Dinner)

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