Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Let's meet at Percona Live Amsterdam

I am very happy that my talk, MySQL Parallel Replication: inventory, use-cases and limitations, is included in the Sneak Peek of Percona Live Amsterdam.  As a member of the Conference Committee, I knew this was being discussed, but I refrained from commenting on discussion about my talk and the submissions of my colleagues from Booking.com.

Mentioning the conference committee, as you can guess, we are already actively rating talks.  I can tell you that we will add more talks to the sneak peek before the publication of the full schedule.  The call for paper is open until Monday, July 18th, but if you submit earlier, you might be included in the sneak peek.

Mentioning Booking.com, I can tell you that, like last year, we will organise the community dinner at our headquarters in the center of the city.  The full details will be communicated in August and September, but I can already tell you that we are listening to comments from last year and we will organize something even better this year.  You can watch this small video about our headquarters.  The video is a little old (from 2014) when we celebrated 500,000 properties online.  Today we have +968,000 properties on the website and I am looking forward to adding a digit to this number.

So let's meet at Percona Live Amsterdam in October: submit your talks and/or register to the event.  Also, if you want something changed in the organization of the community dinner, add a comment below.

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