Thursday, December 3, 2015

JFG proposed sessions for Percona Live Santa Clara (and Community voting)

This year, Percona introduced Community Voting for Percona Live submission.  This is what you can read on the conference website:
In an effort to involve the larger community in the selection of speaking sessions for the 2016 Percona Live Data Performance Conference, we’ve implemented a community voting process. After a speaker submits a proposal we encourage sharing to the community and social networks for a vote. The more highly ranked proposals will continue onto the next phase of the voting process with the conference committee.
So, I did the following three submissions and I am looking for votes:
Thanks in advance for your votes (on the Percona Live website following the above links) and for any comments on that blog.

One last thing, you can also vote for the submission of a colleague:
Looking forward to meet you in Santa Clara next year.

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